Deer Ban FAQs

What is the active ingredient in Deer Ban?

Deer Ban repellent capsules keep deer from eating ornamental and other landscape plants. Deer BanTM uses a unique gel-tablet application to provide 100% effective, year-round protection from wildlife damage.

How can Deer Ban work if it is odorless?

In the manufacturing process the ammonia in the coyote urine is removed, which is what we typically smell when we smell animal urine.

Will Deer Ban repel other animals such as geese, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, and groundhogs?

Deer are the only animals listed on the label, but our manufacturer has submitted a pending label change to the EPA asking them to allow us to include geese and rabbits due to the effectiveness of this product in also repelling these pest.

If it does not rain for a while after Deer Ban capsules have been originally watered in, when do you need to water it again?

Under normal conditions (typical average rainfall and humidity), rehydrating Deer Ban capsules will not be necessary.

How long does Deer Ban stay effective?

Deer Ban is effective for up to 90 days.

What makes Deer Ban better than all the other repellents currently available?

What makes Deer Ban a true winner is that most of the competing products do not work on predator instinct but only attempt to make the "treated area" smell and taste bad.

What about using jars of real predator urine?

Actual predator urine is highly effective, but it is expensive to purchase and very unpleasant to use.

If the capsules sit on snow during the winter, will they need to be replaced faster?

Moisture activates and is the best conduit for the effectiveness of the product.

Help!!! I started using Deer Ban according to the directions, but I'm still having a deer problem.

From time to time, a need to protect your vegetation can be met with habitual or persistent deer feeding.