What makes Deer Ban better than all the other repellents currently available?


What makes Deer Ban a true winner is that most of the competing products do not work on predator instinct but only attempt to make the "treated area" smell and taste bad. Other products are washed away immediately, but water activates Deer Ban. Moisture is the conduit for the scent (e.g., rain, dew and humidity change).

When using predator urine as a "repellent", the EPA requires registration, which is a very long and expensive process. The easy way to get into the repellent business is to use "Non-Registered" active ingredients. Most other repellents use some variation of the same ingredients (such as hot peppers, essential oils and putrefied eggs), which means that most repellents are just copies of other repellentsalready on the market. Although effective to a degree, in many cases the deer simply become acclimated to the smell or taste and eventually ignore it. Plus, if you've ever spilled one of the other repellents in your home or car, you're really going to love Deer Ban! Because Deer Ban comes in capsules, you never have to touch the active ingredient so there's no mixing or chance of spilling.