Fox Chapel Golf Club - Pittsburgh, PA


Having utilized Deer Ban repellent products since 2007, I have successfully co-existed through the winter months in the presence of several hundred migrant Canadian Geese.  

The Deer Ban management program posed little interruption to the geese population and provided virtually no disruption to the golf course or its playability.  Simply put, Deer Ban has allowed us to prevent the geese from foraging in sensitive areas on the golf course such as the greens or tees.  As a result, these areas have stayed clean of the geese droppings, thus savings tens of hours of manual labor cleanup.  

Alternatively, Deer Ban gave us the ability to direct the geese to permissible areas for them to feed and bed.  I would recommend Deer Ban to anyone wishing to co-exist with Canadian Geese."

Jason Hurwitz
Fox Chapel Golf Club
Pittsburgh, PA