Burlington-Alamance Airport Authority


Our airport runways and property are most often an area where Deer, Coyotes, Geese and other sizable wildlife choose to find a home. This presents a challenge for the safety of our pilots while on takeoff and landing. For years, we have been constantly reminded of these pests through radio reports that there are deer, geese and coyotes somewhere on the airport property.


With the use of your Deer Ban products, we have enjoyed the effect of significantly decreasing the numbers of these animals from our runways and airspace. We have spread the Deer Ban capsules around the grounds surrounding the runway and taxiway and repeated this process several times over several months. Impressive. The reduction in the numbers of these animals was noticed almost immediately upon the first thorough treatment. Our plan is to continue with this program, at least on a monthly basis. 


I would recommend the use of Deer Ban capsules for the added protection of runway areas for most any airport having issues with these pests. Safety for our pilots is of upmost importance and we appreciate your contacting us.

Dan Danieley

Executive Director

Burlington-Alamance Airport Authority