Big Canyon Country Club - Newport Beach, Ca


Turf damage caused by the migratory birds and deer here at Big Canyon Country Club in Newport Beach, Ca has been a problem I dread each fall and winter. I have tried the "spray-on" products, the wire around the edges of the lakes, we even purchased a border collie to aid in the situation, but all to no avail, until this year when I treated with Deer Ban.

I noticed an immediate response from the birds (American Coot and Widgeons) on the day following the initial application; they were staying 20 to 30 yards away from the treated area. On the second day following the initial application, the flock of birds (+/100) vacated the area completely. The simple application technique of dropping the contents of 2-3 capsules in a single spot every 3-4 feet around the perimeter of our lakes was easy to do and took very little time. My only regret is that I did not have the product at the beginning of the season. I’m looking forward to more success next season.

Jeff B. - Golf Course Superintendent
Big Canyon Country Club
Newport Beach, Ca